A Tale Told by an Idiot

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

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Hey, do you still use LiveJournal?
Yes, I do. My posts aren't as frequent as they have historically been ("praise be!", I hear some of you cry), but I always read my friends list and try to keep on top of my favourite communities.

So can I friend you?
Sure, but if you want me to friend you back, you really will need to leave a comment. The website I used to track followers has alas disappeared and I just don't notice new people quite as readily as I used to.

You used to do lots of rambling about theatre on here! Where do you do that now?
Some of it's still here. Some of it goes on my theatre blog - Notes from the Earlham Street Gutter - but the vast majority of it can be found happening in real time on my Twitter feed.

What about the lists of everything you've seen, booked, and want to see at the theatre? They've just disappeared!
LiveJournal got unreliable and I had a Dreamwidth account going unused. So if you want to know what theatre I have been/will be in at any given time, head over to Dreamwidth instead.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes. I don't enjoy it, but in the name of not losing people, I'm still on it.

And do you have a Tumblr?
I'm afraid so.

So you're not dead.
I am very much not dead. :)
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